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Welcome to The Project.

Our website is currently under construction—so everything is pretty broken right now.

The Filmmakers Project is a collaborative effort to revolutionize and modernize filmmaking through apps, assets, tutorials, reviews, etc for free or as close to free as possible! Our news and assets app, FilmSource, is currently the #1 filmmaking app on Google Play, while FilmStart is a one-of-a-kind filmmaking networking app which makes finding a cast and crew easier than it has ever been!

A Brief History

The Filmmakers Project began in 2013 with the launch of a social network designed to help filmmakers of all kinds (actors, directors, DP's – you name it!) connect with eachother easily and efficiently. The Project soon expanded to a YouTube channel, as well as The Filmmakers Project Android App (now called FilmSource) which provided assets, news, tutorials, etc for free. The app soon became the #1 filmmaking app on Google Play, while the moderatly succesful social network entered retirement in favor of focusing on the more popular Android app. Eventually, however, The Filmmakers Project would return to its roots with the launch of FilmStart, an app which easily lets filmmakers of all kinds find and work with each other.